Initial Predict Offering (IPO): PRED Public Sale on Predictcoin

PREDers, we are happy to announce our IPO (Initial Predict Offering) on Predictcoin, where you can buy new tokens at the best price before they are listed on Exchanges.

To kick-off this fundraising feature on Predictcoin, we will be launching our governance token PRED first for PREDers to get it at the lowest and preferential price before it gets listed. Predictcoin has been audited by TechRate, Doxxed by Dessert Finance and KYC'ed by BSCNews with Valid ID.

In this IPO, we will be collaborating with, a peer-to-peer price-shield insurance protocol on Binance Smart Chain, originated from option trading logic. Helmeters can create insurance policy of any crypto asset easily in the market, protecting DeFi users against the risk of price fluctuations. Helmet is invested and backed by Binance.

What is $PRED?

PRED is the backbone and governance token of Predictcoin, it serves as the native asset to stake, farm, vote and predict the prices of various crypto assets on Predictcoin. It would also be exclusively required to bid for PRED NFTs in the upcoming NFT marketplace later this year. With more usecase still in the works and would be announced soon.

$PRED Token Distribution

The total supply of PRED is 100,000

20,000 (20%) for the IPO
60,000 (60%) Stake/Predict (For over 2 years)
10,000 (10%) Liquidity
5,000 (5%) Predict Pool
5,000 (5%) Team

For more information about token distribution, please check our Whitepaper.

IPO Sale Details (Buy PRED with BNB on

First come, first serve (FCFS)
Time: 14:00 UTC on Monday 13th September 2021
Tokens to be sold: 18,000 $PRED
Price per token: 1 $PRED = 0.02 BNB ($8)
Hardcap: 360 BNB ($144,000)
Cap per wallet: 2 BNB ($800)
Minimum cap: 0.2 BNB ($80)

IBO Sale Details (Buy PRED with Helmet on

First come, first serve (FCFS)
Time: 13:00 UTC on Monday 13th September 2021
Tokens to be sold: 2,000 $PRED
Price per token: 1 $PRED = 30 Helmet
Hardcap: 60,000 Helmet
Cap per wallet: 500 Helmet
Minimum cap: 300 Helmet

IPO Claiming on

Claiming begins 24 hours after IPO on the same page you bought and you can claim whenever you want, trading begins 1 hour after that. Unsold tokens would be burnt forever.

After Sale Information

Listing price: 0.025 BNB ($10) on Pancakeswap
Time: 15:00 UTC on Tuesday 14th September
Initial circulating supply: 30,000 PRED (IPO + Liquidity)
Initial Marketcap: $300,000

How to participate in IPO

  • Before IPO get BNB.
  • Before IPO time, make sure you’re on refreshing.
  • During IPO commit your BNB to buy PRED by clicking on the “Buy PRED" button that would appear.
  • First Come, First Serve: Each wallet is entitled to 100 PRED if you are quick enough.
  • Claim your PRED on 14:00 UTC Tuesday 14 September, Trading starts an hour after that on Pancakeswap.

More Information: What’s to come?

  • Before the IPO begins on Monday, we will be having our very first AMA with our partner and BSC giant, BSCNEWS, Saturday 11th September 15:00 UTC in their Telegram group.
  • Staking & Farming begins on 15:00 UTC Wednesday 15 September.
  • The V1 of the much anticipated Price Prediction launches in October and brings massive burning to PRED tokens.
  • PRED NFTS are coming this November, check our Whitepaper for how the NFT marketplace on Predictcoin would work.

Add Token Details

Contract Address: 0xbdd2e3fdb879aa42748e9d47b7359323f226ba22

Name: Predictcoin

Symbol: PRED

Decimals: 18





A crypto assets price prediction DAO & NFT bidding marketplace.

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A crypto assets price prediction DAO & NFT bidding marketplace.

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