Introducing $PRED Locking & PREDNFT Borrowing

2 min readOct 3, 2022

Hi PREDers, we are proud to announce the next product we built on the Predictverse which should help retain and even add more value to $PRED. As most of you know, $PRED is the governance token of the Predictcoin platform and all the products we push out were built around it, giving it more value.

$PRED Holders will now be able to borrow PREDNFT either to resale or to stake and earn on the Predictverse. However, they must deposit 1000 PRED by locking it on the platform, after locking 1000 PRED users are entitled to borrow 1 PREDNFT to use it to earn or do whatever the user wants. Nonetheless, they can only retrieve their 1000 PRED when they bring back that particular NFT they borrowed.

Supply 1000 $PRED and get a free PREDNFT, stake to earn free $PRED. You can bring back the PREDNFT and get your 1000 $PRED whenever you like. The more PRED you lock, the more PREDNFT you get. This should help in reducing the number of PRED in circulation, as most of it will be locked and also lower sell pressure.

Why is 1000 $PRED for 1 PREDNFT?

Predictcoin Squad PREDNFT is the ultimate NFT collection of the Predictcoin platform. It’s tradable on Wizard NFT Marketplace and already has a usecase on the Predictcoin platform. There are only 100 PREDNFT in existence, and only 100,000 $PRED in existence as well.

This means 1,000 PRED = 1 PREDNFT. So any PREDer who owns 1,000 PRED is entitled to at least 1 PREDNFT as an OG Holder. This product further rewards PRED holders who have been accumulating over time, and even better, they won’t have to pay for it!

How to Borrow PREDNFT with 1000 PRED?

• Make sure you have up to 1000 PRED in your wallet.

• Go to

• Click on “Borrow”

• Select the PREDNFTs you want to borrow and proceed to approve.

You can borrow as many PREDNFT as you wish so you can earn high APR on the Predictverse Stake tab.

What’s Next?

If you’re frequent on the homepage, you’ll see that we are now done with Phase 3 of our Roadmap. We will be kick-starting the Phase 4 of our Roadmap with listings on CEX, as seen on the roadmap.