Predictcoin: Price Prediction Redefined

6 min readJul 1, 2021


Predictcoin is a crypto assets price prediction DAO, where users or "PREDers" can predict the price of crypto assets at a particular time, which would be visible and accessible to all.

Just like the name suggests, you predict the price of coins (cryptocurrencies) and other digital assets and soon maybe more.

In a cryptosphere, filled with price uncertainty and constant pumps & dumps, one question lingers; “when moon?”.

What is Predictcoin all about?

We are creating a platform where experienced predictors would easily predict the prices of crypto assets, lets say on a specific day. This would give our users a clue of whether to sell or buy that particular crypto asset. Of course, the predictors would be ranked depending on how good they’ve been over time.

One question that's asked the most in the cryptosphere, is the price of a coin and when moon. Hence, Predictcoin, a platform that'll attract the best predictors to predict crypto assests and earn $PRED while at it.

Users would get the first hand experience and see what experienced predictors think the market would look like for a particular coin in the next few days. Thereby learning more about the market and the experience.

Governance Token

$PRED is the governance token of Predictcoin and would be used to create user's profiles, predict on crypto assests and vote on community issues.


The total capped supply of $PRED is 100,000 making it a deflationary digital currency.

Total Capped Supply 100,000

Initial Supply 30,000
20% (20,000) for IPO.
10% (10,000) DEXs Liquidity.

Remaining 70,000
60% (60,000) earned through staking, farming & pools.
5% (5,000) locked for the Predict Pool.
5% (5,000) allocated to the team for further promotion/marketing.

65% Farming & Pools
20% IPO
10% Liquidity
5% Team


PREDers would have up to 5 days to predict on various crypto assets by inputting the price it would be on a specific day/time (for example if it's on Saturday 11am UTC, then they have from Monday - Friday 7pm UTC to input their price prediction. Each coin would accept only 100 predictions and each prediction costs 0.01 PRED (can be changed later through voting). The PREDers with predictions closer to the actual price of the token would be ranked automatically & rewarded.

Prediction Rewards

1st: 30 points + 30% of the total deposited $PRED
2nd: 20 points + 20% of the total deposited $PRED
3rd: 15 points + 15% of the total deposited $PRED
4th: 10 points + 10% of the total deposited $PRED
5th: 5 points + 5% of the total deposited $PRED
6th-10th: 4 points
11th to 20th: 2 points
21st to 100th: 1 point.

This is for each coin, the Price Prediction would keep adding more coins that can be predicted, more coins would be added later. PREDers can predict as many times as possible on all coins. As you can see, only 80% of the deposited $PRED would be distributed to the top 5, this is because 20% would be sent to the Predict Pool.

What is a Predict Pool?

A Predict Pool is a pool on Predictcoin generating & distributing $PRED to winners of price predictions, stakers & farmers. Funded initially with 5,000 $PRED (see above in tokenomics), the predict pool would act as a backup plan or reserve for the price prediction and the whole Predictcoin ecosystem.

What are Points and why should I accumulate them?

Points are attributed to each PREDer's user profile, this distinguish the experienced PREDers that can predict the price of crypto assests and the ones with lower points who are still learning.

Newbie PREDer 0-99 points
Amateur PREDer 100-199 points
Junior PREDer 200-299 points
Senior PREDer 300-399 points
Professional PREDer 400-499 points
Expert PREDer 500-599 points
Veteran PREDer 600-699 points
Master PREDer 700-799 points
Ultimate PREDer 800-999 points
Lord PREDer 1000 & above points

Now you may ask, why should you try to get to Lord PREDer? Lord PREDers are our premium & experienced predictors. They get a 10% share of the whole Predict Pool monthly. Yes, for example, if at the end of the month there's 10,000 $PRED in the Predict Pool, Lord PREDers would share 1000 $PRED for free for doing nothing. If you're the first and only Lord PREDer, you get that all to yourself, call it a retirement plan.

Staking & Farming

Predictcoin is a deflationary cryptocurrency with only 100,000 total capped supply. 60,000 has been reserved to be distributed through the:

1. PRED>PRED pool

However, this would only last for about 2 years. What happens when the 60,000 $PRED runs out? The Predict Pool to the rescue.

Strong Usecase & Demand

The Predict Pool would be growing daily by

•User's profile activation costs: 0.1 $PRED
•Each price prediction costs: 0.01 $PRED
•Each vote on community issues costs: 0.001 $PRED

These generated funds would be deposited into the Predict Pool. Lord PREDers would get to share 10% of the total pool monthly immediately & 90% reserved. When the 60,000 earned through staking & farming runs out, 90% of the Predict Pool would start being distributed into the PRED>PRED and PRED-BNB/BUSD LP>PRED pools monthly (automatically) & 10% distributed to Lord PREDers.

Football & Sports Partnerships

Predictcoin would also be marketed as the leading cryptocurrency to be used on predicting crypto assests, digital assets, football matches & sports games. Apart from partnering up with major sports predicting platforms, we would also work on developing in-house predicting features for sports games as well.

Problems We Are Trying To Solve

At Predictcoin, our goal is to help newbies and crypto traders have a clue about the market and learn more information about the green and red candles. We believe through our platform newbies would know and learn when to buy their favorite coins and when to sell, if they can study the experienced predictors on our platform.

Instead of going on Twitter and asking people you don't know if a coin will pump and dump, it's better you come to our platform and have a clue of what an experienced PREDer thinks the market would look like in the next 7 days for that particular coin.

We also believe the idea of minting new tokens to give APR, while also burning tokens doesn't make sense. To solve this problem, we would rather have a fixed supply, integrate more strong usecases to generate the token back & redistribute them to those staking & farming. This helps having a capped supply and maintaining a forever staking & farming system, although the APY might be lower when compared to other platforms.

NFT Bidding Marketplace

We are proposing PRED NFTs, exclusive NFTs only on Predictcoin. It's simple, stake $PRED earn NFTs, NFT hodlers issued on Predictcoin will be able to predict on all coins for that week only for free.

However, the more $PRED you stake, the higher your chances of getting the NFT for that week. Yes, new week, new NFT.

You bid on the NFT and if you're the highest PREDer with the most $PRED on the NFT pool, you get your full $PRED back & win the NFT. This automatically unlocks the ability to freely predict on all coins for a week.


We have a lot to offer, and would be listening to our community while making necessary improvements, the development on Predictcoin is just beginning.

Phase 1: Platform launch
- Development of the site
- Launching officially on BSC
- Creating the bep-20 token ($PRED)

Phase 2: IFO/IDO
- Initial predict offering & Audits
- Building our userbase with incentives & heavy marketing
- Farming, Staking, Voting & Price Prediction launch on DApp

Phase 3: NFT Bidding Marketplace

- Integrating NFT on Predictcoin
- Price Prediction V2 (Leverage, Long & Buy/Sell Orders)
- Cross-chain consideration

Phase 4: Push for Global Adoption
- Listing on major exchanges
- Football and Sports partnerships to make Predictcoin the number 1 currency used on major sports predicting platforms
- More developments

Instagram: @predictcoin
Twitter: @PredictcoinFin
Reddit: r/PredictcoinFinance