Predictcoin Sports Prediction Launch with x10 Daily Rewards

3 min readMay 27, 2022

Hi PREDers, we are glad to announce the launch of our much anticipated Sports Prediction, which allows our users to earn x10 of PRED daily. As most of our users already know, we have been working on the sports prediction for quite a while now and the launch date is set.

In order to further expand our platform and create more avenue for our users to earn, while also adding an additional usecase for PRED as well as another product, the Sport Prediction will be going LIVE.


Our Sports Prediction is a simplified soccer correct score prediction with the highest odds and rewards in the industry. Users can predict the correct score of daily soccer games ranging from the English Premiere League, LaLiga, Lique 1, Seria A and even the UEFA Champions League/Europa League etc with PRED and earn x10 the rewards when they get the score. E.g predict with 10 $PRED and earn 100 $PRED instantly when you win.

The soccer predictions are daily as the platform automatically search for the most trending and relevant matches for that day, and PREDers can predict before each game begins. This means our users stand the chance to x10 their earnings daily, with lots of matches available to predict on and can use multiple wallet. The product is still in BETA, and we will be pushing out some updates in regards to the feedback we receive.

My Predictions

After predicting the correct score of a particular soccer game, the game data will be moved to My Predictions. Users can see the game data, half score results and when the game has ended. Rewards accumulate as users win their predictions and they can withdraw their earnings any time they want.

Launch Page:

Date: 1st of June 2022

Time: All matches for the day will be available to predict before the matches start (kick-off time)

What to do before then?: Load up your PRED now!

$PRED will exclusively be used on the Sports Prediction ⚽

What’s next?

Predictverse! 100 PRED NFTs will be available for minting in order to welcome the predictverse. The estimated mint price is still 100 PRED each. These NFTs will have an high APR staking and other perks that will be announced soon.