Roadmap Update: What's next for Predictcoin?

3 min readSep 20, 2021


PREDers, we have been seeing your messages, tweets and concerns about what's next for Predictcoin. Be rest assured that we are here for the long-term and always building to make Predictcoin an all-in-one price prediction DAO.

We will always stay true to our Roadmap (which is quite visible on the homepage of our website) and of course focusing on building more products as promised and attracting new users.

When Marketing?

This is the most asked question on the Telegram group, and honestly, we have answered this question countless times. We are done with post-launch marketing. Yes, it wasn’t as profitable as expected, but that wouldn’t stop us from going ahead and continuing with our development.

As you all know, our IPO didn't sell out, we were only able to raise a quarter of the funds we were hoping to raise but that won't stop us as well. We also used thousands of dollars for post-launch marketing which didn't pay off as expected. Hence, we are letting go of influencer's marketing and welcoming project's partnerships.

When Partnership?

We are happy to announce that we have finalized with one of the leading BSC's DEX for a partnership and a listing. Both projects would benefit from this partnership, we will also have our first post-launch AMA with them, more information about this would be announced during the week.

We are also in talks with tons of projects and would only finalize deals that would benefit our community and price of PRED, rather than one that would harm the Predictcoin ecosystem.

When Price Prediction?

The highly anticipated price prediction would launch in October, we don’t have a date yet, but we can say in 2-3 weeks or at most before the end of October. The price prediction would drastically reduce the number of PRED tokens in circulation and increase trading volume for PRED.

We are also in talks with a popular sports prediction site for this launch, and would only announce if the deal is profitable to our users and when and if we finalize.

When NFT Marketplace?

Predictcoin's NFT marketplace aka (NFP) is launching in November, if you have read our Whitepaper you will have a clue how this would work. It's simple, bid on NFPs with PRED, the highest bidder gets the NFP while the PRED get sent to the Predict Pool.

NFP holders get to predict on any coin of their choice for free, we would also create a separate pool with high APR where only NFP holders wallet can stake PRED and earn either Cake, BNB or PRED. More information about this would be announced in November.

Any side features?

Yes, this week we would be announcing a new farm on Predictcoin with high APR to celebrate our upcoming partnership. We are also working on integrating a swap feature on Predictcoin. Yes, you heard that right.

You won't have to go to Pancakeswap or any other DEX to trade PRED anymore, you will be able to do that on You'll also be able to add liquidity on the page as well without leaving our platform.

Stay with us!

PREDers, we have shown you all that we are here to stay. We are not moved by the price, our focus is to keep building. Remember, we delivered staking & farming in 5 hours after launch. Most projects take months to deliver any working product.

There's no comparison here, Predictcoin is here to stay and one day, hopefully soon, you would be glad you got in early. Predictcoin is just getting started, with an imminent CMC, CG and major CEXs listings the sky is the starting point for PRED.