Staking & Farming Is Here: ICO Date Announcement Next!

3 min readAug 5, 2021


PREDers, as you all know we have been working behind the scenes to lay a good foundation for PRED and the whole Predictcoin ecosystem. We are excited to announce that our Staking and Farming contracts are finally ready on the testnet, severely tested and self-audited (Beta).

We have received a lot of messages about our initial coin offering and why the delay. The truth is, we wouldn't want to launch a coin with no usecase while our price prediction is still in development or at least an incentive to hodl. In this regard, we delayed the initial coin offering to work on the staking & farming so PREDers can stake and earn more PRED after the ICO, while we focus on the much anticipated price prediction feature.

This would also reduce the selling pressure and increase the buying pressure after launch. PREDers can also add PRED-BNB LP and PRED-BUSD LP to farm PRED at a higher APR than just staking. Please note that the APRs on these images aren’t real and only for illustration purposes.

Of course, our priority will be to get the smart contracts audited after the ICO by popular auditing platforms to reassure our community that funds are SAFU. Now what next? Our initial coin offering is around the corner.

Roadmap Update: Q3 2021 Pledges

Staying true to our roadmap is very important to us, because it gives our community an idea of where we are and what we are doing next. Last month, we posted on our social media platforms of how we have completed our Q2 2021 Pledges and moving on to Q3.

Now that we have completed the staking & farming contracts, the next thing that would be announced is the date of our initial coin offering. PREDers would be able to buy PRED at its cheapest price before being listed on Exchanges.

What Next?

PREDers, don't blink! Our much anticipated Crypto Price Prediction is also coming this quarter. We don't want to give much away, but it's price prediction like you've never seen before. In short, price prediction redefined.

We also have Audits, Voting & Marketing after our ICO all happening this quarter. Don't forget our NFT marketplace coming later this year in the last quarter. To keep track of all our buidl, always drop by our GitHub.

For more information about our roadmap, please checkout the whitepaper on our website and also follow us on our social media handles below: