The Predict Bid: Introducing $BID Token Launch on SquidStake

4 min readNov 23, 2021


PREDers, as most of you know, Predictcoin is always innovating and building products that works for Crypto, DeFi and GameFi enthusiasts. We previously teased the “Predict Bid" on our previous medium article where we highlighted how it’s important to the Price Prediction V1 and how it will be incorporated into the Predictcoin ecosystem.

We are happy to announce and introduce to you our exclusive token $BID. BID is an exclusive token by Predictcoin, a crypto-assets price prediction DAO. BID token holders will exclusively be able to bid to gain access to the much hyped Predict Pools on Predictcoin without predicting and even after predictions are over.

Predictcoin focuses on building products that works and innovate, while maintaining our core values of uniqueness and exclusivity. Our products are built to gain traction, gamify and decentralize the blockchain and financial world.

One of such product, the Price Prediction V1 is a unique flagship product and the world's first crypto-assets price prediction DAO rewarding winners and losers. PREDers must predict on the available coins on Monday 13:00 UTC to 14:00 UTC to gain access to the Predict Pools, failure to do that they have to wait till next week. Winners can exclusive earn PRED at high APR, while losers can exclusively earn BNB at high APR. However, it's limited to only 50 seats a week to keep the APR high.

The Predict $BID

With only 50 seats, it gets filled within minutes, because let's face it, anyone who got a seat will get value. We reckon people use several wallets to predict and secure their seats to increase their chances of earning more.

Hence, to give more people a chance, every week 2 users stand a chance to gain access to the main PRED (Predict Pool) and the other BNB (Predict Pool) without predicting. All they need to do is bid with $BID, just like an auction. The highest bidder will be able to gain access to the PRED Pool, while the second in ranking gets access to the BNB Pool.

Initially, the Predict Bid was supposed to allow PREDers to bid to gain access to the Predict Pools with BNB. But we have thought about it, why give BNB a usecase on our platform when we can develop a new token specifically for this that could power and bring more traction to the entire ecosystem. Hence, we present to you the birth of $BID.

However, after bidding with BID and gaining access to the pools, users still need PRED to earn their rewards. Users can stake up to 100 PRED to earn their rewards for the week (7 days), before the next round begins.


$Bid is a true deflationary capped digital currency. When users bid with $BID, the top 2 users after the bid ends will gain access to the PRED and BNB Predict Pools. The $BID they bid with will be burnt immediately. While the users with the lower bid from the 3rd position can safely withdraw their bid and try again next week.

Apart from the Predict Pools, we will also be launching exclusive pools with high APR, where users can only again access by biding with $BID and staking with $PRED to earn rewards.


As highlighted above, $BID holders will get exclusive privilege to bid and gain access to the Predict Pools without predicting. There will also be a BID-BNB LP farm to earn SQUID on SquidStake, to give the token a price floor. Users can also use $BID to exclusively bid in the upcoming NFT marketplace coming up soon on Predictcoin.

$BID Litepaper

Read full $BID Litepaper


The total capped supply of $BID is 10,000,000 making it a deflationary digital currency.

Total Capped Supply 10,000,000

Initial Supply 1,500,000
10% (1,000,000) for ICO.
5% (500,000) Initial Liquidity.

Remaining 8,500,000
65% (6,500,000) earned through staking, farming & pools for a long period of time.
10% (1,000,000) locked as reserve.
10% (1,000,000) allocated to the team for further promotion/marketing.

SquidStake Launchpad Details of $BID

Subscription page:
Start time: 30th Nov, 12pm UTC
End time: 1st Dec, 12pm UTC
Duration: 24 hours
Funds to be raised: $500,000
Tokens to be sold: 1,000,000
Price per $BID: $0.5
Method: Unlimited subscription (Overflow method)

How To Buy?

What to do before sale?
Get SQUID & BNB tokens on Form SQUID-BNB LP on

What to do during the sale?
Commit SQUID-BNB LP during the 24 hours window on Once you have commited your LP, you don't have to do anything.

What to do after sale?
Claim your $BID tokens and any excess LPs will be refunded.

In the “Overflow” method, users can subscribe as much or as little as they want to the IPO, and their final allocation will be based on the amount of funds they put in as a percentage of all funds put in by other users at the time the sale ends. Users will receive back any leftover funds when they claim their tokens after the sale.

$BID public sale is exclusively on SquidStake and will start trading on SquidStake Swap and Autoshark DEX.

$BID Litepaper